Self-Serve Platform

Our platform direct offering is accessible using a cloud-based self- serve model. Our intuitive user interface enables customers to have full control and transparency over their advertising spend as well as manage unlimited number of campaigns simultaneously on a single platform, thereby reducing cost, complexity and inefficiencies.

Integrated Software Platform

Our platform is designed to integrate with other third-party technology providers who offer specific solutions and data for campaigns. For example, we integrate with data management platforms to enhance audience targeting and reporting suppliers for campaign execution.

Omni-Channel Planning, Buying and Monitoring

Our software enables advertisers to find an efficient budget allocation across media channels to maximize reach, leveraging first and third-party data. Advertisers can then execute the recommended media buy using our platform and verify the audience they reach using audience measurement data, thereby unifying the planning and measurement of campaigns.

Purpose-Built for Media Owners and Publishers

Our platform provides a comprehensive asset management platform for sales, ad scheduling, billing, reporting and analysis.


Creative Marketplace

A creative freelance platform, where businesses and independent professionals connect and collaborate remotely to produce advert copies.

Media Planning

Our self-serve platform integrated with third-party data providers allows agencies and brands to plan a campaign by retrieving relevant data information about audience demographics; age, gender, location and so on.

Media Buying

Our SaaS platform offers an automated buying solution to help eliminate the hours dedicated to manual data entry and reliance on physical copy distribution. Clients can use this platform to book and pay for inventory as supplied by channels, also with flexibility to shift spend and optimize on reach and frequency, clients can decide what directions their campaign should go and how it should be modified.

Monitoring and Analytics

This allows your team to get a clear panoramic view of all campaigns and channels in one place - complete with KPIs, insights and adjustments so it's easy to know which campaigns to double down on, which ones to cancel, or know how each one of your channels are performing and interacting in real time.

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